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NuView Application


Team Application                                                          



About Nu View

What is Nu View? Nu View is an online student-run fashion magazine under UNT’s branch of  Merchandising Incorporated. The magazine was founded by Maia Wilson in 2013 and it is now under the direction of editors-in-chief Don Davis and Sofia Greaves. What sets Nu View apart from every other fashion magazine/blog is its exclusively-fashion content and its unique perspective. Popular fashion magazines today are saturated with topics that do not completely pertain to fashion. I don’t want to read a lifestyle magazine with a big fashion section, I want to read a FASHION magazine. That’s why Nu View’s content is 100% strictly fashion and written from the perspective of people who not only love fashion, but are studying it at the university level, so they know what they’re talking about. Nu View also has an amazing photography team with the most cutting-edge concepts, check out the LookBook on our website. In addition to our fantastic writers and innovative photographers, we also have a great PR team that runs all our social media from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Pinterest. Our Instagram is the ultimate fashion blog! A new trend is posted daily on the Instagram Story in a segment called “Trend of the Day”. Other segments include “StreetStyleSaturday,” which features street wear from fashion week, “MondayMustHave,” which features designer items that we simply must have, “SundayRunway,” which features some of the best runway looks from couture shows, and that’s only half of our segments. Our Instagram Feed is also very diverse, we feature editorial fashion photography, images of the perfect cities to live for people who love fashion or who want to work in the industry, quotes by famous people from the fashion industry like the Coco Chanel, mood boards and collages, fashion illustrations, and clothing items from jackets and jewelry to shoes and handbags. And we’re not stopping there. This year Nu View will be launching a YouTube channel and Podcast, as well as, a digital-print magazine and a physical magazine available for purchase, that’s a UNT first! Interested?




Responsibilities: Writers/bloggers are expected to pitch, research, and deliver new and unique fashion content for the magazine’s website 2-3 times per month. Articles can include, but are not limited to interviews, blog posts, trend reports, career articles, product reviews, and feature pieces on internships. In addition to blog posts, Nu View’s writing team will also be expected to submit at least one article for the digital-print version of the magazine. Articles written for the blog are expected to be a minimum of 300+ words, articles written for the print magazine are expected to be at least 500+ words. This year Nu View is all about collaboration and working together. As writers for the magazine you will be working in tangent with the PR team to make sure your article is all over our social media platforms and get as many views as possible. You will also be working closely with our photography and art teams for original images within your articles if you so desire.

Qualities: creative, quick thinkers, unique perspective, strong literacy skills, great voice

Requirements: strong written skills, good grammar, proficient in Microsoft Word, familiar with WordPress and WIX, knowledge of the fashion industry

*Must provide 2-3 writing samples attached to your application

What’s in it for you: you will gain real-world experience, published work on a website, resume booster, gain knowledge of how magazine production works at every stage, build your portfolio


Art Director:

Responsibilities: The Art Director’s/Graphic Designer’s job is to execute the vision of the editors-in-chief in implementing the NuView website. They will create additional visuals needed on the site by organizing small still-shot photoshoots with photographers or creating illustrations. The art director will be in charge of making sure the website looks up to par and will be constantly looking for ways to increase the website’s overall design and features. They will also be working closely with the social media team (PR) and help to create original visual content for our social media platforms. Lastly, they will work as the web designer, in which they will research and give input into the best platform, layout, and design for the magazine as well as the print version of the magazine on

Qualities: creative, detail-oriented, flexible, open to ideas, innovative, type-A

Requirements: proficient in Photoshop and/or Lightroom, knowledge of Illustrator and Indesign, has experience with different website platforms such as WordPress or WIX, familiar with social media platforms, please also familiarize yourself with

What’s in it for you: improve your craft, be around people that share your interests, you will be producing things that can go in your portfolio, resume booster



Responsibilities: Photographers and Videographers will be working very closely with the creative director to come up with concepts for all of Nu View’s big photoshoots and video shoots. Big photoshoots will consist of an elaborate theme and the entire photography team working together to ensure that the creative director’s vision comes to fruition. The smaller editorial photoshoots are more individually based, the concepts and vision are up to you, and your work will be published on the website under the LookBook tab. As a member of the photography team you will also be working with PR to upload your pictures to all our social media platforms. In addition to working with the PR team, you will be collaborating with the writing team, some of the photos you took for your individual projects will be featured throughout their articles, which means even more exposure for you. Lastly, our Videographers big projects involve shooting promo videos for our more big events, such as, the magazine’s launch party and fashion shows. Like the photography team, smaller projects for the videographers are individually based and the concept is completely up to you, once the final product is finished, it will go up on the website and all over our social media.  

Qualities: creative, innovative, detail oriented, visionaries, problem solvers, good at giving direction, a leader

Requirements: must have your own camera or at least access to one, extensive knowledge of Lightroom and Photoshop, all of our photoshoots are editorial based so you must be comfortable working with models, experience with lighting equipment

*Must provide 5-10 photographic images attached to your application

What’s in it for you: you will get to work with different types of equipment such as lighting and green screen, learning tips-and-tricks from other members in your team, access to models, published work, photos for your portfolio, resume booster, real-world experience, the opportunity to perfect your craft



Responsibilities: We are looking for a diverse group of people to be featured in our magazine: any sizes, any race or ethnicity, any gender. Models for Nu View will work with the photographers and videographers to put together content for the digital and print versions of the magazine, as well as, our social media. The big project will most likely consist of all the models working together in one photoshoot and will happen approximately once a month. Smaller photoshoots will most likely feature a handful of models or just one model and everything is arranged by the photographer. Models will also be used to shoot all of our promo videos and walk in Merchandise Inc.’s annual fashion show. Some of Nu View’s other teams may also need models for their projects, i.e. the social media team, the team in charge of the YouTube channel, or the Broadcast Media team in charge of the Podcast.  

Qualities: outgoing, think quickly on your feet, creative, good at taking direction

Requirements: no requirements.

What’s in it for you: photos for your portfolio, name/face recognition, model experience, headshots


Merchandising Team:


Responsibilities: This year the Stylist team was re-named to the Merchandising team because they will be responsible for more than just styling the looks for our photoshoots and video shoots. In addition to that, the Merchandising team will work very closely with the Creative Director and Editors-in-chief on the magazine since the magazine is exclusively fashion. Themes, ideas, and concepts will need to be discussed in excruciating detail and the Merchandising team will help out with all the fashion aspects. The Merchandising team will also work in tangent with the PR team and help out with social media content, specifically the “Trend of the Day” segment. Other responsibilities include designing a Nu View staff t-shirt (that people will actually want to wear) and styling for Merchandising Inc.’s annual fashion show.   

Qualities: trendy, creative, detail oriented, innovative, personable, problem solver, 

Requirements: proficiency in or any virtual styling program, knowledgeable of current fashion trends, proficient in t-shirt designing platforms like South by Sea or any other equivalent 

*provide 2-4 example of work

What’s in it for you: real world experience, resume booster, styling credit, published work, social media exposure


PR Team:

(social media team)

Responsibilities: Nu View’s Public Relations team is responsible for a lot more than just social media, although that is a big part of it. The PR team will play a very large role in planning all of Nu Views events from the launch parties for the digital-print magazine, to whatever event that you as a team decide to create. The primary objective is to get Nu View’s name out there; advertising, creating flyers, speaking to classes, and social media is a big part of that. Social media is a large and time consuming part of the PR team’s responsibilities. Nu View already has an established Instagram and Twitter presence, the PR team will be responsible for creating a Pinterest, Facebook, and any other social media platform you deem necessary.    

Qualities: creative, innovative, organized,

Requirements: social media is a big time commitment, especially the instagram, at least one post on the story and feed everyday.

What’s in it for you: real world experience, resume booster, learn all parts of PR not just social media,


YouTube Personality:

Responsibilities: It's no secret that YouTube personalities get paid a lot of money for their content whether it’s in the form of sponsored videos or company's sending influencers items for review. The money aspect of it makes it a little hard to trust that they are giving an honest review, because when someone's paying you for a review they're going to want their money's worth, which means a good review. Youtubers also have a lot more disposable income so they are able to buy a lot more lavish designer items. There also isn't a lot of diversity in their video. Occasionally Youtubers bring one or two friends on with them and more often than not those friends look exactly like them in terms of race and clothing size. What if there was a YouTube channel where none of that was the case. Nu View is starting its very own YouTube channel the content will be primarily fashion based just like the magazine and it will involve a group of DIVERSE people: any race, any size, and gender. All videos will be filmed in small groups.

This is a brand new project. YouTube Personalities will be responsible for posting a few times a month in the beginning and once all the kinks are worked out the goal will be to post once a week. Ideally the YouTube Personality team will consist of 9-12 people from there they will be divided up into groups of 3 and each group will post one video a month. Each month the groups will switch so everyone will get the opportunity to work with everyone and it will keep things interesting for the viewers.

Qualities: very outgoing, creative, quick thinker, innovative, strong personality, relatable, personable,

Requirements: must have some knowledge of editing videos

What’s in it for you: name/face recognition, possible sponsorships, job opportunities


Broadcast Media Team:

Responsibilities: The Broadcast Media team will be in charge of coming up with fashion-related content that is both informative and highly engaging for Nu View’s Podcast. As stated before the content is strictly fashion-based so topics to be discussed during the ‘episodes’ may include, but are not limited to: fashion week, red carpet events and premieres, designers, apparel stores, emerging trends, or the fashion industry as a whole. Similar to the youtube channel team, the team working on the podcast will consist of 9 to 12 people, ideally 12. The group will then be split into groups of three and each group will be responsible for coming up with content for their assigned week. Each group will air one episode a month and the episode has to be a minimum of 1 hour long. The following month each member of the group will be assigned a whole new group so everyone gets a chance to work with everyone is the podcast team. Things to keep in mind: this podcast is for students by students so think of topics that you as a student would want to know, be honest, be personable, and the best podcasts are funny so bring your sense of humor.

Qualities: strong personality, good sense of humor, knowledge of fashion and the industry, quick on your feet, team player, creative, intelligent, 

Requirements: must be familiar with soundcloud or an equivalent

What’s in it for you: name recognition, job experience for broadcast journalism majors, 



Nu View Application

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