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Mission & Values

Our mission 

Merchandising Inc. is a university organization open to any student interest in fashion, home furnishing, or digital retailing. The organization establish a network of industry professionals for students and enhances their professional development. From fashion shows to community service, this organization engages students and give comprehensive industry experience. 

Our values

We strive to create strong leaders and scholars in the retail industry through service, industry exposure, professional development, and leadership opportunities. We provide students with a comprehensive industry experience and ensure that any service we offer our members conveys at least one of our eight values.

  • Making new relationships 
  • Exercising knowledge & skills
  • Realization of true potential 
  • Creativity, communication, and confidence 
  • Holistic experience 
  • Industry experience 
  • Networking
  • Community involvement 

These eight values are incorporated into the opportunities we provide our members. These opportunities then help our members on their road to success.