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Maia Wilson

Whether a self-proclaimed Instagram addict or a grammer fanatic in denial, every social media dweller knows which IG’ers are considered their faves. You know what I'm talking about.... the people with photos so stunning you actually make a conscious effort to read their captions, leave positive comments on them, and tell your friends how awesome they are with overly enthusiastic praise, aka “You NEED to follow them!”?

Yes. There is valid truth in concluding that some social media stars are simply better than others, especially in terms of those who share fashion related content. In our first post on the NuView blog, I’ve rounded up a list of some of my favorite fashion-related Instagram accounts. Whether their posts are more creative, more engaging, or more beautiful, these Instagrammers have something of value to offer. Their feeds are definitely worth following, so check them out. You’ll be glad you did!

 Without further ado, here is my list of 10 Instagrammers You Need to Follow.

Amanda Shadforth, @oraclefoxblog

This Aussie native’s feed is about as cohesive as cohesive gets. A talented photographer and stylist, Amanda is the founder of, a premium fashion and style destination. On Instagram, the creative professional showcases work from her latest collaborations and editorials. A stunning curation of crisp imagery in neutral tones of grey, black, and white offer endless inspiration, and give you a glimpse into her luxurious, jetsetter life as an internationally recognized industry leader. 

Sazan Hendrix, @sazanhendrix

Sazan Hendrix is an LA based blogger, youtuber, and wife to her hilarious college sweetheart turned husband/photographer, Stevie Hendrix. Sazan launched her blog while she was a student in the Radio, Television, and Film program at UNT. After gradutation, she moved to Los Angeles and pursued blogging and hosting as a full time-career. Since then, Sazan has gone on to host a fashion segment on E! news, worked with major retail brands, and spoken at numerous conferences across the country, including one exclusively for students at NYU!

Matt, @thedailyfashionproject

Matt "the Sunflowerman" creates illustrations that are exclusively focused on menswear and men's style. His secondary instagram account, "@thedailyfashionproject" is an extension of his original account "@sunflowerman," and is where the artist displays illustrations that are sponsored by brands. He believes that an "illustration... inspires the viewer to look beyond the image and see themselves." I have to admit, when I look at his images, the main thing I envision is myself arm in arm with one of his illustrated dudes. Matt's illustrations are so well-done, and the men in them so dapper, his artistry inevitably functions as a lesson in class for all his gentlemenly followers.  

Marissa Webb, @marissawebb

What is there to say about Marissa Webb other than that she is the is truly incredible in all that she does. Not only is she the Creative Director of Banana Republic, but she is also the designer behind her own clothing brand Marissa Webb NYC, and a Resident Stylist at What do I like most about her Instagram account, you ask? There's a sense of attitude and strength in all of her content. Her words and photos leave women feeling empowered, like they're able to achieve anything so long as they're willing to put in the work and stay focused. 

Tony Trahan, @tony_trahan

Tony Trahan is kind-of the total package. Represented by Campbell modeling agency out of Dallas Texas, Tony Trahan has expanded from his modeling career and begun to explore blogging and photography as additional interests. A regular in Dallas fashion shows and commercial campaigns, Tony's sense of style and eye for quality fashion images make him the ideal creative ready for takeover of the Dallas fashion scene. Blue eyes, six-pack abs, and stunning profile aside, this model has a lot going for him. 

Margaret Zhang, @margaret_ _zhang

Margharet Zhang is a writer, model, stylist, photographer, and creative director based in Sydney, Australia. She is also currently pursuing her Bachelor of Laws at The University of Sydney. Full of ambition and creative instinct from a young age, Margharet had an unconventional start in the fashion industry. After launching her blog and convincing her school to let her go to fashion week on scholarship, Margaret found herself mixing and mingling with some of the industry's brightest stars. Since then, Margharet has styled, directed, and shot editorials for Harper's BAZAAR, Marie Claire, and others. Her mix of skills make her incredibly rare,  and the fact that she is able to balance her professional identity with her life as a student only elevates her rarity. Notably, Margharet is also queen of the flatlays (she even has her own hashtag, #zhangflat). 

Sophia Macks, @beyondthemag

On this account, Sophia Macks, founder of Beyond the Mag, shares a curated collection of conceptual fashion imagery that packs a lot of punch. Each image is stunning in its own right, and contributes to a feed that is bursting with inspiration for the creative soul. Be sure to check out the captions on each photo to discover the amazing artists, set designers, photographers, and stylists who've helped bring each thought-provoking image to life. 

Lo Caballero, @theriverwolf_

One of fashion-blogger Little Black Bloot's right-hand gals, Lo Caballero is a blogger, stylist, and merchandiser from sunny Los Angeles, California. What I like most about Lo's feed is not just her flawless makeup photos and shots of her flowing, aqua tresses, but the consistency in her sense of style. She can rock her signature oversize black hat and a pair of belted, high-waisted denim shorts like it's nobody's business. Her company partnerships are always true to her aesthetic and reflective of her personal brand, something to be appreciated in a bloggersphere that is often overridden with inauthentic sponsored posts. 

Caitlin, @cmcoving

When I think of the perfect girl-next-door, I think of Caitlin, a PR graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill, self-proclaimed Southern Bell, and the writer behind the popular blog Southern Curls and Pearls.  Her outfits can be described as casual yet elevated, and include pieces that are perfect for college students. For fall specifically, think cozy ponchos, fur vests, checkered button ups, and plaid blanket scarves... classic pieces that can be mixed, matched, and worn in a variety of ways!

I'm sure other Merchandising Inc. members would love to know, who are some of your favorite fashion grammers to follow?

Written by Ashley Nudge, NuView Editor-In-Chief