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Maia Wilson

Everyday, just before 10 a.m., women begin to arrive at the nail salon. Eventually, the front desk is busy with eagerly awaiting clients. This is often the morning scene at Bella Salon and Spa, a nail salon located in Denton, Texas. The manicurists have a busy workday ahead, as they will spend their entire day hunched over fingers and toes. Once an indulgence reserved for special occasions, manicures and pedicures (especially pedis) have now become a routine grooming activity across the economic spectrum.  According to census data, there are now more than 17,000 nail salons in the U.S. Bella Salon and Spa is among the most popular, and is located right here in Denton!  The salon display’s their inner workings within a gleaming glass front and elegant decor, mirroring that of a department store during the holidays.

As  the holidays near, many clients book appointments several weeks or months in advance in order to obtain their favorite technician and mani/pedi. Being that fingernails and toenails are an important part of hygiene, the services to uphold physical looks have gradually been revamped. What was once just a basic manicure, has now become a multifaceted day at the spa! Client appointments often include additional amenities, with either a hydrating glass of aloe vera juice, refreshing coconut juice, or even a relaxing arm massage complete with nourishing moisturizer. Aside from those enticing extras, it can be problematic trying to decide which type, and color of polish to choose! In this post, I will talk about polish technique’s currently on the market, as well as offer design inspiration for the holidays!


NexGen Nail

With over 100 color options to choose from at Bella Salon and Spa, you are sure to find your favorite! Additionally, the salon performs services with gel, shellac, and dipping powder.  Dipping powder, or NexGen nails, is the next generation in nail enhancement technology. After dipping your fingers into a colored powder for a few minutes you will love the finish. You can proudly showcase nails that are crack and chip resistant, as well as packed full of calcium and  vitamin E.

A manicurist gives a customer a NexGen manicure

A manicurist gives a customer a NexGen manicure

Compared to the currently popular gel nails - a manicure that claims to last longer than standard manicures - the new NexGen manicure provides even more benefits. Based on my personal observations, many women are now opting for NexGen rather than gel. NexGen is an environmentally-friendly option that allows the nails to grow, while at the same time offering a resilient finish. To achieve the best NexGen nails, you should prepare to dedicate an hour-and-a-half of your time to the manicurist. NexGen nails may be a longer process, but I believe it is well worth it to try something new!

Gel Nails

I think we all noticed how quickly gel nails became a trend in the world of beauty. Yet, what really is this gel we put on our nails? Gel is a type of polish that is settled with the use of a drying machine. First, the nail technician applies the gel polish of the customer’s choice. Then, the technician helps to place the customer’s fingers under a machine that produces UV rays. The UV rays allow the polish to harden on the customer’s nails, creating a long-lasting coat with a smooth finish. The gel polish is very pleasing, as the coating is thick and more difficult to chip than a standard manicure. To date, the gel polish has been available longer than the dipping powder of NexGen nails, so there are more styles that can be created. For example, at Bella salon there are new gel polishes every month,including a great majority of gel polishes from the popular brand O.P.I.!

A customer receives a gel manicure at Bella Salon and Spa

A customer receives a gel manicure at Bella Salon and Spa

Holiday Inspiration

Fall colors are in full swing by the end of September, as we begin to see the leaves change and comforting colors emerge! As I talked to the owner of Bella Salon and Spa, I was interested to learn that dark red is currently one of the most popular colors of polish. In fact, the salon owner has to constantly purchase more dark red polishes in both dipping powder, and gel polish! Fall fashion trends typically include dark hues of color, which then integrate into the cosmetics industry and nail polish. Trendy darker-hued nail polishes by O.P.I include, a dark plum color named Lincoln Park After Dark, and a taupe color named My Private Jet.  

I think we could all agree that taking the time to get a manicure or pedicure is a relaxing experience. It is a time to indulge yourself by investing in glamorous nails for both your hands and feet… a time for you to embrace the holiday spirit and alluring fall colors. As a result of fall being one of my favorite seasons, I love seeing themed nails to match the holiday spirit! Mark your calendars, because December is only a few weeks away! This means it is time to set a nail appointment, and complete your trendy winter fashion look!

If you plan to make a visit to the nail salon soon, we're here to help get your ideas prepped!

First, start by viewing Pantone's Fall 2015 color report!

Next, grab inspiration from the provided images below!

Thank you to Bella Salon and Spa for helping NuView with this post!


Copy & Photography: Elizabeth Phan, Fashion Writer

Taylar Gomez, Fashion Editor

Graphic 1: Ashley Nudge, Editor-In-Chief