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Maia Wilson

Whether you’re a native, resident, or visitor of Denton, everyone knows of the historic downtown square. The place where you can casually stroll while enjoying a Beth Marie’s ice cream cone has a new addition. Located on North Elm Street, The Palm Tree boutique offers amazing contemporary women's clothing and accessories. This past week I was lucky enough to have a one-on-one conversation with store manager Ashley Rogers, about what makes this new retailer special.

Name: Ashley Rogers

Professional Title: Store Manager of The Palm Tree Boutique

University & Degree: The University of North Texas, Business

Who is your target customer?

We try not to pinpoint one group, so we keep our [market] between the age of 18 and 55. Our clothing and style accommodates both mom and daughter?

What would you say is the mood of the store environment?

The Palm Tree boutique is both inviting and fun. It is a source for contemporary young women’s clothing and accessories.                

What do you enjoy most about the boutique culture?

The ability for one-on-one relationships with customers as well as employees. It is so nice to know who loves and shops at your store, and know who works for and with you.

What is the impact of social media regarding The Palm Tree?

The impact and reach of social media is huge. We started our social media reach before we opened in order to introduce ourselves in Denton and get the excitement started for the store. Now that we are open, social media helps us connect to our customer outside the walls of our store. This allows them to see what we have, all the newness, and how to style themselves.

Can you talk a little bit about the balance between managing a brick-and-mortar AND online store?

Thankfully, we have divided ourselves management wise so that someone else manages the online site. This allows me to keep my focus on the store. Though I do communicate with the people that run the website, it is a minimal part of what I deal with.

What is your most and least favorite aspects of the job?

I am so thankful to work for the owners that I do. I love that my opinions and thought are not only heard but strongly considered. I have worked for corporate retail where you are told what and how to do everything from minimal tasks to large ones. Here I am able to contribute to processes and decision making in all aspects of the business. Outside of actually owning your own business there are very few places that will give you that. There is not anything I really dislike. With that said, if I had to answer, my least favorite thing is making the schedule, balancing my employees schedules to make everything fair is difficult.

Interview takeaway:

When planning the interview with Ashley, I was immediately impressed with her immense kindness and willingness to help me. In the retail industry, where things change in the blink of an eye, time is precious. I was grateful for half an hour of Ashley’s time, to understand a little more about what it takes to running a boutique. My takeaway? Take time out to get to know people, because it is those people who will be the ones to shop with you. As a firm believer in customer service, I can assure you that next time I need a new outfit, I will be heading over to Palm Tree Boutique.


Copy: Navya Kaur, Careers Writer

Fernando Zamarripa, Careers Editor

Photos: Courtesy of The Palm Tree Boutique Instagram