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Our Story

How it all began...

In 1988, Paige Wallace was a student in the School of Human Resource Management (now known as the College of Merchandising, Hospitality, & Tourism) as well as a professional model. Wallace had great connections in the fashion industry and felt that students should be able to network with these professionals, and so she said, "let's get something started." From there she joined forces with other passionate students and created Merchandising Incorporated. Dr.Christy Crutsinger, a faculty member of the Merchandising program, volunteered to be the advisor. 

In the beginning, Merchandising Inc. was centrally focused on networking and annual spring and fall fashion shows. Over the years, the organization has grown to include philanthropy, fundraising, and social activities. Dr. Crutsinger notes that "each year the officers brought something new to the table. They were determined to take the organization to a new level." When asked about the subject of membership back in those days, current advisor and former officer, Marissa Zorola, said, "There were years when we had 15 members. Look at us now." 

1988 Christmas Party

1988 Christmas Party

Merchandising Inc.'s First Officer Team

Merchandising Inc.'s First Officer Team

Over the course of 27 years, Merchandising Inc. has grown to be more than just networking with professionals; today, we focus on providing members with countless opportunities to get involved in the fashion industry and develop into confident and skilled professionals. Today, Merchandising Inc. is a recognized student organization. Our achievements include endowing our Jaime Regen Scholarship, which has never been done before by a UNT student organization, the launch of our first Merchandising Inc. website, and growing from 15 members to 130, amongst others. 

Merchandising Inc.'s First T-Shirt Design Circa 1988 (Click to enlarge)

Merchandising Inc.'s Original Logo (Click to enlarge)